Substantial Studio

Faster and better engineering workflows

Our mission is to improve, accelerate, automate and secure your software delivery process so the development, operations and security teams can all focus on their critical-business tasks.

Every organization has slightly different elements in its software delivery process, driven by technology choices, compliance requirements, or other factors. This is why we improve your journey by targeting your organization's end goal rather than the underlying technologies you work with.

In other words, we lead organizations to build, test, package, provision, develop and secure any application on any infrastructure.

We do so by consulting, mentoring and training your engineering teams.

A unique technology-agnostic philosophy

Focusing on your end goal rather than the underlying technologies you work with leads to a fundamentally technology-agnostic view. As software and hardware will continuously evolve, we will use the best technologies available while still having a pragmatic approach to any problem.

Working with engineering teams of all sizes

We help them build, test, package, provision and secure projects for their clients, from startups to financial companies and Fortune 500: Disko, LightSwan, Kushim, The Sails Company, One More Thing Studio.

We have worked in collaboration with them for their data pipelines and infrastructure optimizations: Crédit Agricole Immobilier, Française des Jeux, BPCE Group, Accor Hotels.

They trust us to teach software engineering to thousands of students each year: HETIC, WebSchool Factory.

Fortify your engineering ambitions

Alongside on the fly consulting, mentoring and training, you can subscribe to support plans. These monthly subscriptions give your team access to our Slack: a workspace where you can be notified on new products, updates, security alerts, and, most of all, where you can request our support whenever you need.

The subscription's pricing depends on the number of team members, the support availability and the response time.